Membership Access to Toxicon online (Financial Members only)

Instructions for the Members of International Society on Toxinology 

The following information below has been provided by staff at Elsevier, who have organised for IST financial members to have online access to Toxicon as part of their IST membership. The key to this process is your IST membership number. Each of you have been sent this number on several occasions. This number is important and is essential to access some member services, so please keep it readily available. The Society cannot guarantee rapid response for members who misplace their details. Please note that your IST membership number is the key to the doorway into this system, but then you have to create your own user profile. The Society has NO access to this secure information. If you misplace it we CANNOT provide it for members. However, if you choose to use as your password for the ScienceDirect Toxicon access site, the same password provided to you by the Society for access to the Membership Directory, we will be in a position to advise you if you misplace your password. The ScienceDirect site also has a mechanism to retrieve misplaced passwords, which you might find faster.

To activate access to this Society Site, and to create your personal account on ScienceDirect, you will need to use your Society Membership Number. Please enter your Society Membership Number in the Registration Box at the following URL:

Below are instructions and screen shots to help you with this registration and access process.

Please Note:  https: //” MUST be entered for this URL – “http://” will not work. This is to ensure that your registration details are secured in our Customer Service System when you enter them into the registration form.

After entering, click on "Continue".  

For Existing ScienceDirect Users: The next step will allow you to associate an existing ScienceDirect user profile to this subscription, if you have one.

Please Note – If you have associated your existing ScienceDirect User-Profile to this Society Access, you must type into your Internet Browser, the Society Site’s URL to access the society journal.  The contents of the Society Home-Page will not be accessible via the ScienceDirect Home-Page ( nor via any other Society Member Site to which you may have subscribed. Society Sites are supported on a separate platform to ScienceDirect.  

Please go to the Society Member’s Site and enter your ScienceDirect username and password after clicking on 'Sign in' at the upper-right hand corner of the Homepage:

For New Users to ScienceDirect:  If you do not have an existing profile and are a new user to ScienceDirect, you can continue to the registration screen that will allow you to create a new user profile. You will be asked to fill out a form and choose a password.  A unique username will then be assigned.  It is important to note, that all user-names and passwords to ScienceDirect are case sensitive.   After registration you can directly login to the Society Site with your username and password.

Please Note - Do NOT use special characters, such as ö, ä, æ when entering your personal details into the profile form.

Please go to the Society Member’s Site and enter your enter your ScienceDirect username and password after clicking on 'Sign in' at the upper-right hand corner of the Homepage:

If you encounter any problems registering, please note that older browsers may not support SSL encryption, which is required for secure data transmission. Also, cookies must be enabled in your browser to support the registration process.

Should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the closest Customer Support department as follows.

Please mention the title of the journal you are trying to access, the URL of the site and the name of your society in your communication.