Toxinology Courses

There are several toxinology courses available around the world. They vary from regional to global in coverage and from experimental to clinical in scope.

Les Animaux Venimeux et Veneneux: Systematique, Biologie, Toxicologie
Paris, France, dates not available at present
Information: Christine Rollard
This course, spread out over several modules, covers the details of venomous animals and their toxins, with some comments on clinical effects. It is designed for scientists needing detailed knowledge of toxinology, rather than for clinicians.

Clinical Toxinology Short Courses
Adelaide, Australia - Most recent Course February 12-18, 2012. Next Course planned for March 31st to April 5th, 2014.
Information: Prof. J White
This course is designed for clinicians and provides an intensive global overview of all aspects pertaining to clinical toxinology, including details of the organisms, toxins, clinical effects and treatment. Teaching is by lectures from an international faculty, tutorial sessions and practicals.

The last Course was held in February 2012 and attended by nearly 50 doctors from many countries. The program for that course is available for viewing here.The program for the 2014 Course is still being refined, based on the 2012 program.

More information on the Clinical Toxinology Short Courses is available here, including a Course brochure and an enrolment form, both available for download in pdf format.

Brazilian Toxinology Course
A local course for principally Brazilian doctors, run by the Instituto Butantan, Sao Paolo, Brazil.
Inquiries to Instituto Butantan, Brazil

Swiss Tropical Institute Toxinology Course
A short course run by the Institute covering many aspects of clinical toxinology.
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Forthcoming Courses

Clinical Toxinology Short Course
Adelaide, March 31st to April 5th, 2014. If you are interested in this Course please register with Course Coordinator, Prof. Julian White.