The International Society on Toxinology was founded in 1962 by a group of scientists and clinicians interested in advancing the science of toxinology, including basic toxin research, applied toxin research such as applications of toxins as research tools or scaffolds for new drug development, epidemiology of toxin-induced-diseases, and clinical effects of toxins and the treatment of associated diseases.

The Society has supported toxinology research through regular scientific congresses, the official Society journal, Toxicon, and individual efforts by many members to advise and mentor others undertaking toxinology-related studies.

Formation of regional Sections of the Society (Europe, Pan-America, Asia-Pacific and now African & Middle East) have reflected ongoing efforts by the Society to promote and support regional development of toxinology.

Growing relationships with national and other regional organisations focussed on toxinology are an evolving strategy for the Society to remain true to purpose and at the forefront globally in representing those involved in all aspects of toxin research and the clinical effects of toxins.

This website is designed to give IST members and others interested in toxinology access to information on forthcoming meetings, subscription payment, membership profiles and related matters.

Members wishing to access the current IST constitution may download a copy here.

Membership of IST links you with other toxinologists globally, provides a significant discount on IST congress registration fees, entitles you to present your work at IST congresses and provides free access to the online version of Toxicon, the IST official journal, plus other benefits. Apply for membership here.

Bothrops jararaca. Photo by Julian White.