The IST has only a small executive to coordinate its activities. These officebearers for the Society are elected by members  via a democratic votes initiated at alternate World Congresses of the IST, every 4 years and extended to all members by electronic voting. Elections at this meeting are not for the following 4 years, but for the next 4 year term, commencing at the corresponding World Congress.

IST Council (2020 – 2022)

President: Prof. Julian White (Australia), email: julian.white at

Treasurer: David Wilson (Australia), email: david.wilson4 at

Secretary: Elda Sanchez (USA), email: elda.sanchez at

Editor in Chief of Toxicon: Glenn King (Australia), email: glenn.king at

Council Members

European Section:

Chair of IST European Section: Naira Ayvazyan (Armenia)
Secretary: Nick Casewell (UK), email: nicholas.casewell at
Committee members: Ornella Rossetto (Italy), Eivind Undheim (Norway), & Alexander Vassilevski (Russia)

Pan-American Section:

Chair of IST Pan-American Section: Denise Tambourgi (Brazil)
Secretary: Elda Sanchez (USA), email: elda.sanchez at
Committee members: José María Gutierrez (Costa Rica), Adolfo de Roodt (Argentina), & Maria Elena de Lima (Brazil)

Asia-Pacific Section:

Chair of IST Asia-Pacific Section: Ray Norton (Australia)
Secretary: Norelle Daly (Australia), email: norelle.daly at
Committee members: Henry Fai Kwok (Hong Kong) and Dibakar Chakrabarty (India). This leaves a vacant position on this committee.

Africa & Middle East Section

Chair of IST Africa & Middle East Section: Abdul Habib (Nigeria)
Secretary: Michael Godpower (Nigeria)
Committee members: Eugene Erulu (Kenya), Jean-Philippe Chippaux (Benin/France), & Michael Perry (South Africa)

Past Presidents of the IST:

Findlay E. Russell (USA) 1962-1966
Sherman A. Minton (USA) 1966-1968
André de Vries (South Africa) 1968-1970
Hugh Alistair Reid (UK) 1970-1972
Heribert Michl 1972-1974
Y. Sawai (Japan) 1974-1976
C. R. Diniz (Brazil) 1976-1979
Borje Uvnäs (Sweden) 1979-1982
Gerhard Habermehl (Germany) 1982-1985
Chen-Yuan Lee (Taiwan) 1985-1988
Philip Rosenberg (USA) 1988-1991
Gerhard Habermehl (Germany) 1991-1994
Charlotte L. Ownby (USA) 1994-1997
Franc Gubensek (Slovenia) 1997-2000
Hervé Rochat (France) 2000- 2003
John Harris (UK) 2003-2006
André Ménez (France) 2006-2008
P. Gopalakrishnakone (Singapore) 2008-2009
P. Gopalakrishnakone (Singapore) 2009-2012
Alan Harvey (UK) 2012-2015
Jay Fox (USA) 2015-2019
M. Kini (Singapore) 2019-2020