This page offers a list of relevant events not organised by IST.

List of events 2021

27th international Meeting of the French Society of Toxinology (SFET)
9-10 December, 2021
“Toxins: Mr Hyde or Dr Jekyll?”

International Toxin Talks 1st Anniversary
25-29 October, 2021

NACCT (North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology)
16-18 October, 2021
Atlanta, Georgia, USA,

Venoms & Toxins 2021
24-26 August, 2021
Oxford, UK

The First International Congress of the European Venom Network (EUVEN)
14-16 September, 2021

41st EAPCCT Congress
European Association of Poisons Control and Clinical Toxicology
25-28 May, 2021
Palma de Mallorca, Spain

ACTM (Australasian College of Tropical Medicine)
Southern Cross Travel Medicine Conference 2021
3-5 Sep, 2021
Melbourne, Australia!event-list

45th FEBS Congress
3-8 July, 2021
Ljubljana, Slovenia