All IST members will need to pay their membership dues for each calendar year to remain financial. Financial members of IST will be entitled to discount registration fees for IST scientific meetings. The amount of discount will vary and be determined by the Organising Committee for each meeting.

Annual membership dues should be paid through the online subscription plan encountered upon registration. If another payment method is desired, please contact the IST. Note that the IST does not accept cash payment and interbank transfer is discouraged and if such a transfer is agreed by the IST Treasurer, the member must pay all bank fees in addition to their IST annual dues fee. IST annual dues cover a calendar year and so fall due at the end of each year.

IST has signed a 5 year contract with Elsevier, who publish Toxicon, and this includes a service for all financial members, who have access to Toxicon electronically via an Elsevier website. Details of access will be sent to financial members.

Two options were added to the list in 2017. For Student Members an annual payment of $15 (first applied in 2017). You must be a registered student and have been accepted as a student member of IST for this fee to apply.

The last item is for the “Life Membership” category, also introduced in 2017, available to financial members in good standing. The fee is set by Council and is currently equivalent to 10 years dues ($550). Any member opting to pay this should expect IST Executive or Council to note their payment and confirm they have been a financial member of good standing in recent years and, if there is doubt about this, Executive will communicate with the member and seek resolution. If resolution cannot be achieved, then the payment will be reversed.

Boiga irregularis, a cobra, and a stingray. Photos by Julian White

PLEASE NOTE: The transaction description on your credit card statement will be PAYPAL*INT SOC TOX. Please be aware of this before querying payment with your credit card provider. If you query the payment the transaction may be disallowed and the IST will be charged. We will recover this fee in addition to your subscription fee when you agree to be recharged for your membership dues. This will cost you more money, so be careful before you query your credit card payment statement in regard to IST dues. Also, you will be charged in US$, but this will probably be converted to your local currency on your credit card statement. IST has no control over the currency conversion rate applied at the time of the transaction.

Financial members of IST are entitled to subscribe to the IST journal Toxicon (print version) at a discounted rate***. If you are an IST Member and you currently subscribe to Toxicon as part of your membership, you must continue to pay for Toxicon through the invoice sent to you by Elsevier, who will confirm with the Society that you are a current financial member of IST. Please note that this payment to Elsevier will no longer include your IST annual dues.

The IST membership dues are as follows:
Full or Associate membership (includes on-line access to Toxicon) = US$55
Subscription to the print version of Toxicon at member rates*** = US$137 (subject to confirmation by Elsevier)
Student member = US$15 (since 2017)
Life member = US$550 (introduced in 2017; please note that payment of Life Membership dues will be taken as an application for such membership which will then be considered by IST Executive and/or Council and if the application is rejected, after discussion with the applicant, the payment will be reversed. We do not anticipate rejections being likely to occur).

*** Application for a new subscription to the print version of Toxicon at IST member rates must be made direct to Elsevier, together with evidence (such as a PayPal email receipt) that they have paid their annual IST dues. Elsevier will then invoice the member. Members who subscribed to Toxicon previously should receive an invoice from Elsevier, but must also provide Elsevier with evidence (such as a PayPal email receipt) that they have paid their annual IST dues for the current year. Note, membership dues must be paid directly to the Society, via the IST website, not via Elsevier. Only financial members of IST will be entitled to the discount subscription to Toxicon.