Previous newsletters published by IST can be found below, with links for download given in parenthesis. For some newsletters both a small and large file size is available, with the only difference being the resolution of the pdf.

2018 December  (small, large)
2017 December  (small, large)
2016 December  (small, large)
2016 September (large)
2015 December  (large)
2014 December  (large)
2013 October       (large)
2013 August          (large)
2013 May                (large)
2013 March           (large)
2012 December  (large)
2012 August          (large)
2011 October       (large)
2011 April               (large)
2011 January        (large)
2010 December  (large)
2010 March           (large)
2009 December  (large)
2009 September (large)
2009 June               (large)