The International Society on Toxinology was founded to promote the science of toxinology. The Society therefore has the principal aim of fostering research and advancement of knowledge in all areas of toxinology.

This primary aim is achieved by:

  • Establishment of a formal society, in 1962, to facilitate exchange of ideas and information on toxinology between members and others interested in this field. 
  • Promotion of such exchange through regular regional and international scientific meetings. 
  • Disseminating toxinology research through the IST journal, Toxicon and such other methods as may, from time to time, be appropriate.
  • Developing and promoting standards for research in toxinology, particularly ethical standards for animal research.
  • Encouraging development of research, through encouragement of research and researchers in toxinology, including new and young researchers.
  • Encouraging development of clinical interest, expertise and qualifications in clinical toxinology.
  • Recognising excellence in toxinology through the Redi Award.
Redback spider. Photo by Julian White